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Before you commit to any repair call us, we specialise in keeping the size of repair to a minimum.Repair over replacing panels is the best option as you maintain all the original manufacturers' seams and sealers.

If you cannot come in you can email images of the damage to

We need three to four images looking down the side of the damage. This helps us see how distorted the panels are.One square on shot showing where the damage is and where its sits in conjunction with adjoining panels...However,any substantial damage would need a physical inspection.


It is surprising the size of dent that can be repaired with the right techniques, speak to us first before making any decision.

Plastic dent repairs and cracks are also possible with the latest products and equipment.The economics of whether a panel should be repaired is down to the hours required to accomplish the repair against the cost of the panel,also the amount of strip and refit saved comes into the equation..If a panel is replaced the paintwork area can increase in size dramatically in turn increasing cost.

However if the structure of the vehicle has been compromised ie chassis,or its high strength steel panels, this no longer sits under the cosmetic/smart umbrella.We can advise when we inspect.



Sometimes with paintwork its possible to keep a repair or painted area local.This means rather than  paint the whole front, side, or rear of a vehicle,or even sometimes a whole panel, if the damage is in the right place, we can perform whats known as  a local cosmetic repair keeping costs lower.

Cosmetic repairs are non structural and localised paintwork is also known as a Smart repair.

There are wheel refurbs and wheel refurbs that bring the rims back to new. With our service we remove the valves and tyres, chemically dip, bead blast and powder coat.
This is not to be confused with a quick sand and a cheap refinish product being applied.
The wheels are powder coated inside and out and re-balanced with new weights.
We need the wheels from a Tuesday to a Friday or a Friday to a Tuesday.
This is the ROLLS ROYCE of wheel refurbishment.


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